marketing support

According to the Financial Planning Association, clients whose wealth managers regularly communicate with them and their family are:
  • two to three times more likely to stay with that wealth manager,
  • two to four times more likely to recommend that wealth manager,
  • and up to 26 times more likely to accept that wealth manager's recommendations.

Earn the trust of more clients through more effective marketing and communication. CUNA Brokerage Services (CBSI)'s robust marketing support will help you efficiently reach out to potential clients and align them with programs that best fit their financial goals.

MEMBERS Inscope, a powerful analytics tool that includes actionable, data-driven guidance, identifies existing credit union members who would be most receptive to investment and insurance programs. This results in more member awareness and engagement, as well as a better use of marketing dollars.

CBSI also works with credit unions to offer up-to-date technologies that best communicate with members on their terms, including real-time access to investment accounts for online trading and viewing.

Connect with us to learn more about marketing and technology solutions available to CBSI financial advisors.